Unlocking The 7 Virtues Mini Course

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Join The 7 Virtues Founder, best-selling author and empowering keynote speaker, Barb Stegemann in achieving success and joy through the power of the daily practice of The 7 Virtues: Wonder, Balance, Truth, Courage, Justice, Wisdom and Beauty.

Barb will share how leading with the return on love (ROL) will deliver the return on investment (ROI). Barb shares how to reach your goals professionally and personally while living a balanced life, protecting your joy. You don't have to compromise.

She has used this 2400 year old philosophy that has lead leaders through war and strife to navigate her life and wants you to unlock these powerful principles that can't fail if you follow the program.

Barb's award winning company, The 7 Virtues launched out of her garage on her visa card and is now one of the top selling clean fragrance brands in North America. All the while she lives her life the way she wants, and will share how you too can do this.

"The Stronger you are, the stronger I become. It's in my interests to see you do well professionally and personally."

- Barb Stegemann

8 modules

on how to advance
your life

7 exercises

to incorporate the lessons into your life to get results

40 minutes

of never before released coaching with Barb Stegemann

Unlocking The 7 Virtues Mini Course 

Sign up now and receive Barb's Unlocking The 7 Virtues Mini Course for $19 (value $59)!

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